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are you strong enough? venture where only the strongest come out alive... into the muscle world.

delve into its secrets with the power of muscle

redeem yourself through exercise


  • an enormous muscle world to explore!
  • tense muscle action!
  • secret locations and endings!
  • inspiration!

- wasd/arrow keys/left stick : move
- mouse/right stick : look around (only in the muscle world)
- control/button 1/left click : jump/let go of the ceiling
- alt/button 2/right click : kick

(a controller is recommended)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Krita, Unity, GIMP
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Low-poly, muscle, Mystery, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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What a special game. Hearing that Kremling 'enemy-alerted' sound echoing through the darkness brought me such joy


after resting, i feel invigorated and my strength grows by 1! 

:) this game rules


The whole climbing the roof of dark cave with strange hallucinations was quite boring for me. Also, the stamina bar is too small considering that there are so few mattresses to rest at. I stopped playing when I fell into the void after 3 minutes are climbing to the next stage. Just isn't worth the time.


well unfortunately not everybody can survive in the world of muscle (you need big muscles for that)... best of luck to you in your life

a game with a bald man who wears black underpants can only be good, intriguing and mysterious universe, it was cool thank you!:)
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Played 2 hour straight without knowing I could turn the camera with the mouse. I feel so stupid. But, well, this game is very intriguing. I can say I enjoyed it more than I expected.
Edit: I finally finished the game after 5 hours. I loved it. What a masterpiece.

glad you enjoyed it! and thank you for the comment :)

ps: there's a bit more after the ending if you're curious


Muscle World inspired me so much I decided to make a short game inspired by the feelings it gave me. I will play it again for sure. Thank you so much.

omg please let me know! i will love to play it... things like these make my day :)


I sure will! :D


wow, what an experience

i wanted to play because i like the character model (i love to see men in briefs! i want to see more)

i nearly quit after twenty minutes because it was slow, but i couldn't help but keep going. i stopped after an hour after becoming too sleepy.

i finished it tonight (the day after the first day), and i'm really sad it doesn't go on for much longer because i can imagine playing it every night for a week.

this is one of those experiences where i only want to play once and that's it. i want to keep the memory of this first playthrough as my only memory. it's very inspirational.

thank you.

thank you! im glad you liked it :)

(ps: spoilers: theres a little more... if you start the game again... )

ohhhh thanks for telling me!!! also reminds me that i thought anatomy (kitty horrowshow) ended after the first playthrough lol

If you are looking for a goofy game to get a laugh out of, this is the one for you! I wish there was more direction but other than that I had a fun time! 

Thanks for the laughs devs!

This game is really special.


Everything about Muscle World is so intriguing to me. It feels like the surface of a much larger world (in a very good way!). It's atmosphere is mystical and also very funny, and it feels kind of meditative when you're muscling your way across long, dark distances (also scary when you hear something start to follow you). I love this game! 

you're the best malibunny thank you for everything <3


A constantly tense and mysterious adventure... Now I finally know what I'm missing out on for not having a gym membership!

The opening shot of Muscle World made me think of King's Field 1 (the original, Japan-exclusive one) a lot, and I guess that was an accurate feeling because of the very slow (not in a bad way!) pace, and obscure environmental storytelling.

I am very intrigued by the description mentioning secret locations and endings but I can't seem to find more than the red orb, and one ending... Guess I gotta do more push-ups!

thank you!!! i've never played king's field 1 but i had king's field 2's aesthetics in mind a lot while making this, and it was one of the main inspirations for making this ridiculous thing. really glad you enjoyed it!!!

also, re: secret places/endings...

***spoilers ahead***
there's a couple places that aren't lit by any lights, but you should be able to spot them after you've done enough push-ups, since gaining muscle slightly improves your vision (caps at 200 muscle)... and the secret ending is defeating the red muscle spirit and becoming it yourself... thus being trapped in the muscle world... forever (there's no credits screen)

Ahh I'm glad to hear my thoughts of King's Field were mostly on the dot!!

I didn't realize increasing muscle power increases vision range, that's really clever! I'll be sure to scour the game a bit more with that in mind :)