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a small constellation full of mysteries

"earth is so far away now ... "

made for the mouse in the maze jam

original soundtrack


programming, art, music:

ideas, testing: 
mariken s.

sound effects:
zabuhailo @ freesound.org
peacewaves @ freesound.org
shyguy014 @ freesound.org

BINKY character and model by mariken s.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Exploration, mouse, Mystery, rat, Space, Spooky


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mouse sector 1.1 win64.zip 89 MB
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mouse sector 1.1 mac.app.zip 90 MB
mouse sector 1.1 linux.zip 92 MB
readme.txt 1 kB

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i really like it.

- it has no up and down and no map, i am truly in space, unbound by all things, i am a mouse who is low to the ground. humans cheat and stand high and look far and do not see the true mystery of the ground

- there is no thing in the world safe from the cryptographical solving capabilities of the mouse, the human relic ship's mysteries are forever known

- every thing is so scary even though there is nothing to be scared of (you think)

- i feel like the human space relic got bigger when i was on it for longer than when i first saw it but everything is so much bigger than it first appears

i have not yet been to the rat library and perhaps i should never go, for its mysteries are likely so deep and so dangerous that they would be better left unpondered by mice.. for only the most inquisitive rats.

but i know one day i will hear its siren call

also i adore your soundtrack in every possible way. as you can probably tell i spent a lot of time looking at the human thing and the sound as i neared it nd slowly spiralled in towards it for 3 minutes was truly scary. this was better than many modern day ~horror games~ simply by nature of mood

i think that the thing where you slowly fly in is important because it forces you to spend time on things. many games now think spending time is bad. they think that everything is a waste of time and do everything to make you not spend time. but in this game despite having a relatively limited zone of environments it feels like there is true distance because of how difficulty reaching places is. you have time to feel wonder and fear and hope. and you watch things in the sky and think "it looks so close, but..." the eco ship's pieces laugh as you spiral about, barely able to even...

i liked to imagine what it would be like to be one of these rodents. all alone on one of the outer ships. unable to make it back. you wait with the rest of mouse sector, all the pieces moving in tandem, hoping that some day someone will visit you, but no one wants to go there because it is scary. the machine glows red as the h wall flames up. will you sleep here? alone? eternal?

good game


Really neat and unique idea, but I'm having a hard time controling the mouse in space, he tends to just rapidly spin away

the mouse spins according to your input... but spinning barely changes your trajectory! if you want to go somewhere, just aim your initial jump there :) hope that helps!


Really captures a mysterious, planetary vibe after playing for about an hour ~ thanks for this!


thank you nilson! im glad you enjoyed it!