A downloadable psychic transmission for Windows

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based on a dream i had once. the game is rather obscure, rough around the edges and suffers from typical adventure game frustrating bullshit at times but i like it that way, i think it kinda fits the mood.

now for the bullet points:

  • over 80 maps to explore!
  • "choose" from 3 different endings!
  • experience the obliterating burden of living!
  • embark on a quest of self-discovery and other stuff!

the game is made with rpg maker 2003, so it's windows only, but it seems to work fine on mac os x and linux through wine (might have some problems with font rendering because rpg maker 2003, just install the correct font).


  • Z/Spacebar/Enter : interact with stuff/select option
  • X/ESC : menu (for saving purposes)/cancel


game, music, sound effects, most graphics - fotocopiadora

human-like character sprites - taken from charas-project.net

contains quotes and lyrics from songs by current 93, also piano magic, emily dickinson and who knows what else.

will probably update to fix some minor bugs.


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Hard Office.zip 22 MB


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A message into the void...
I have seen the message "XXXX holding the XXXXX"
At this point, I'm uncertain how to proceed.
[Meditates on this]

you might want to meditate for a little longer in that room ;)