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First Land

In the town's afternoon glow, someone disappears.

In the far reaches of the sea, away from winds of commerce, something is dying.

All doors close, in time. Will you return from your journey?

A story of human connection.

Thank you for playing.

(Spanish version and physical edition coming soon)

Updated 12 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags3D, death, earth, First-Person, Mystery, worm


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first-land-windows.zip 598 MB
Version 1.1.0
first-land-linux.zip 645 MB
Version 1.1.0
flmanual.pdf 141 kB
Version 1.0.9


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Hello. I found a large amount (over 100) of inert worms and had deposited them into the strange disc, saved my game and later quit. But when I reloaded the game, the disc now contained 0 worms and my inventory of worms was still gone. Is this a bug?? 


(replied elsewhere to avoid spoilers) not a bug, but i will change this behavior to avoid what you described!


The story, environments, and creatures are incredibly interesting and fun, but the speak mechanic is confusing and the manual does a poor job of explaining it. I found a word levitating over a body with what appeared to be a globe for a face, so I tried saying it to one of the flying hoop creatures, but I've been unable to type the symbols. Sometimes when I press the i j k l buttons it moves through the symbol list, but other times it types the symbol, so I have no idea how to get it to work. To make matters worse the backspace button does nothing, so every time I type in the wrong symbol I had to press the speak button then start over.


thank you for playing! the talking mechanics are intentionally vague, but as a hint: the ones you type with the "i" key are somewhat different. the rest all work in combinations of two sub-symbols to make a symbol. hope that helps! i will add backspace in an update probably tomorrow


so that backspace update?

sorry it took so long, i was busy with work. it should be up now!

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stuck in a back hall with a bunch of dumpsters. the doors won't open? am i missing something? game is beautiful.

one of them should open, check all of them! otherwise its a bug 😅 thanks for playing!

I'll try again - one of the two doors made a "swinging" sound, but didn't open. Thanks!

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Hey, I think I found a bug. After going down a spiral staircase if you stick to the left on the small passage you will get stuck in the corner. Here are some screenshots for better reference.

btw, loving the game so far, I already got 2 endings and now I'm trying to unlock a certain door...


thank you for the report! i will update a fix for those softlocks soon... good luck with the door :)


i'm really really enjoying the game. and am a bit stuck: i'm trying to sacrifice something to the sleeping creature in the dome, but when i try the item list is empty. does this mean i'm lacking an item to sacrifice?


yes. some sacrifices require particular objects. dont worry too much about this one though


this game gave me one of my favourite online interactions i've had in a long time
another traveler i stumbled across was trying to teach me a word and when i finally said it properly (after failing many times) they immediately shouted "000" and excitedly ran in circles around me

thank you all for creating such a fascinating and beautiful game, i've managed to find 2 endings but i have the feeling there's some more to discover

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nice game


How do you advance in The Subsurface? I found 3 twinworms among inner worm piles and turned those into 1 Memory of Air and 2 Memories of Silence with the disc. There is a round thingy giving me a simple speech I can imitate but it does nothing and a twoheaded worm showing me a n with dots over it symbol in a circle that I can not speech myself.


search for a secret passage... in one of the caves... there should be a familiar shape in the environment


Not quite sure how I made that walking eye worm appear on the lake but it guided me to 2 secrets passages! The one I found before was still a dead end and the 2nd with Mantarok inside I would have never found myself. Throwing around the new speeches I got from there brought me to the Annihilation ending.

A truely great experience this game was but I leave figuring out more endings to others.

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Would be nice if the options menu was accessible while in the game. I had to watch the intro 3 times now because I am figuring out proper mouse sensitivity and the "Resume Quit" menu once popped up never disappears all while the game is not saving.

The game itself is wonderful. Great atmosphere and audiovisuals.


i had some trouble making quit to menu work properly because there are so many independent systems in the game, but i will add an in-game options menu in an update very soon! thank you for playing!


I'm finding it very hard to look around on gamepad. Because the right stick isn't a dedicated "look around" tool I end up walking by accident when I try to look.

I want to explore but I keep getting pulled out of the experience by the weird controls.


you can remap controls in the options menu! i will add an easy way to switch to traditional first person twin stick controls in a future update, too


I'm lost ! :D I'm in the desert cave, by the pond, made some sacrifices but I don't know what more to do...any help please ?


if you want a hint: there are more desert caves... try to search for a  secret entrance... 5 things


thank you very much  ! 


now I'm with a singing giant worm...still have no clue ! :D :D :D


This game is beautiful and mysterious and has secret walls that you can walk through (the good stuff). Love the strange mood and the story. I hope to find every worm.


for the moment found two...I guess there are three ?... Been on an Island and in a submarine... I keep on searching ! Beautiful game !